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Gap Year

In 2022, around 16% of the year group elected to take a Gap Year prior to extending their formal education. When looking at this it is important that the time is used wisely and if possible in the context of where a student sees their future.

Many students undertake valuable volunteering work or get involved in international projects. Other students undertake a part-time job or go travelling. All of these help to build on a student's experience and help to enhance skills in order to return as a stronger candidate the following year.

One student, after leaving BOA, went to work in California as a Lifeguard and Ski Boat Driver as well as a general Camp Counsellor. This not only presented a range of exciting opportunities it also gave the student valuable life skills! This particular student is now part of the Events Management Team at the National Exhibition Centre…and hopes to return to the US for a holiday soon.

Gap Year

Use your time wisely! Build your experience; enhance your skills and training

  • Volunteering
  • International Projects
  • Travelling
  • Part-time Job