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Term Dates 2023-24

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Date Information
MONDAY 4th September – Friday 27th October 2023 - Term 1
Monday 4th September Year 10 First Day
Thursday 7th September

Year 11 First Day (AM)

Year 12 First Day (AM)

Year 13 First Day (PM)

STAFF INSET DAY Friday 13th October 2023
Monday 30th October - Friday 3rd November  2023 Half Term
MONDAY 6th novembeR – friday 22nd DECEMBER 2023- Term 2
STAFF INSET DAY Friday 22nd December 2023
Monday 25th December - Friday 5th January  Christmas Holidays
Monday 8th January - Friday 9th february 2024 - Term 3
STAFF INSET Friday 9th February 2024
Monday12th February - Friday 16th February Half Term
Monday 19th February - Friday 22nd march 2024 - term 4

*Monday 19th February – Friday 23rd February

Aptitude Week
Y10 - Work Experience (off-site)
Y11 - Core Week & Second Mock Exams (on-site)
Y12 - Study Leave (off-site)
Y13 - Study Leave (off-site) + A' level Mock Exams (on-site)
Monday 25th March – Friday 5th April Easter Holiday
MONDAY 8th APRIL - Friday 24th May 2024 - Term 5
Monday 6th May Bank Holiday
STAFF INSET Monday 13th May 2024
Monday 27th May - Friday 31st May Half Term
Monday 3rd June – FRIDAY 19th July - Term 6
In the event of emergency school closure (for example due to extreme weather conditions or COVID-19 lock-down), a notice will appear at the top of the parents' page of the website, on the home page of the website and on our Facebook and Twitter feeds. In addition, we will contact you via text message/email.

We actively discourage parents from taking students out of school during the academic term.

Any requests should be made direct to the Principal in writing: