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Guidance & support


All students will be in a tutor group. The tutor is the key person concerned with welfare, guidance and academic progress. Tutor groups will meet as a whole but there will also be regular individual tutorials at which students can discuss academic progress and other issues. Tutors will have regular feedback from subject teachers and will also pay due attention to attendance.



All tutor groups are in one of four houses. All tutor groups and houses are mixed year groups and pathways.


Teachers, tutors and industry professionals

The most important contacts. They will be teaching and guiding students to achieve academic success. They will advise students about progress and will regularly report back to tutors and parents. They are also a useful source of information about careers and degree courses in a chosen area.
Assessment and reporting

All courses are assessed throughout the two years. Communication with home is of paramount importance. At the beginning of Year 12 an information evening will be held for all parents and carers. In addition to termly progress reports, there will be a full written report in Years 12 and 13. There are also parents evenings in both years. Students will be expected to attend these meetings alongside their parents and carers.


Careers and university advice

Due to the nature of our academy and curriculum, students will be in frequent contact with professionals in the creative industries. They will be able to seek advice on an ongoing basis. However, to formalise this, in the middle of Year 12, the academy will run an in-house “Futures Course”. This will be dedicated to university choices, UCAS applications, work placements, job opportunities and internships. Information about grants, loans and fees will be available to parents and students.


Student voice

There is an elected Student Board actively involved in decision making. This Board will meet weekly to bring a student perspective to the academy organisation. They discuss issues affecting academy welfare, dress and conduct codes, accommodation and most importantly social events.


Students with special educational needs and / or disabilities

Providing students are able to demonstrate aptitude within the chosen pathway via the aptitude workshop, the academy welcomes applications from all students.