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Apprenticeships accounted for 3% of BOA students during 2021.

Apprenticeships combine practical training in a job with study. As an apprentice, former students work alongside experienced staff, gain job-specific skills and earn a wage. This is supplemented with time to study and relates to the role being undertaken.

The BOA Progression team can provide details of how to apply for an apprenticeship and can provide advice and guidance on writing applications, and what to do at interviews.

Students have secured exciting apprenticeship opportunities in a range of roles within the creative industries, including opportunities with theatre in education groups, technical theatre arts and media organisations.

A former student from the Broadcast pathway who achieved Triple Distinction Star (D*D*D*) successfully gained a place at ITV on their apprenticeship scheme. There was significant competition for this apprenticeship but the experience and knowledge of the broadcast industry, gained at BOA, allowed him to succeed and he began working at the London Studios. This student is a leading example of a successful apprenticeship route. He has now secured a permanent position and is looking forward to progressing his career within the ITV organisation.