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Alongside chosen studies, there will be a number of other courses and activities on offer to enable every student to fulfil his or her potential.


Independent learning

All students will be encouraged to work diligently, develop independence, self confidence, respect and awareness of others. Students have a purpose-built, fully supervised learning resource centre together with numerous networked and wireless break-out areas to give them effective private study time.


Work experience

Students will be offered work experience. Placements will be arranged to complement areas related to the chosen pathway. As many of our courses are career specific, meaning the course relates to a specific area of employment or industry within the arts, much of the study is a combination of learning and doing through skills, focused work-related projects or work experience.


Wider curriculum entitlement

Students are encouraged to take advantage of the wide range of opportunities available through extra-curricular activities, additional studies or the tutorial / pastoral system.


Community and extended links

BOA is part of our local community. Our facilities are available to be used by individuals, education and community groups through access to our arts facilities. We see our building and facilities as an important local asset, a hub for both local and regional activity, to be widely used during evenings and weekends. We wish to make a significant contribution to the creative, digital and performing arts culture of the region, in terms of both the facilities we make available and the activities, performances and services we can offer.


Young enterprise

Students will have the opportunity to form their own companies producing and selling a range of goods. This is invaluable personal experience in trading, producing and financial record keeping.


Arts award

This is an Arts Leadership Award which involves teaching younger people within an area of the arts and contributing to arts in the community.



There are numerous opportunities for students to enrich their learning through educational visits. Each pathway organises a variety of relevant ‘off-site’ experiences that are directly linked to the units the pupils study.


BOA International

BOA has rapidly established itself and is gaining a reputation as a significant arts institution internationally. Over the past few years, BOA students and staff have worked on a series of international projects which have taken the students to both the United States and to Europe.