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What will I learn on this course?

Dance develops creative, imaginative, physical, emotional and intellectual capacities. It promotes fitness, a healthy lifestyle, team working and creativity. It develops students' skills, knowledge and understanding of choreography through which they are able to communicate ideas, thoughts and meaning drawn from a range of dance styles. It develops a critical appreciation of dance in its physical, artistic, aesthetic and cultural contexts. GCSE Dance students at BOA will have the opportunity to perform in KS4 Dance shows and to develop technical dance skills by attending extra-curricular classes after-school.

GCSE Dance Anthology

The GCSE Dance Anthology underpins learning across each of the three core areas; Performance, Choreography & Appreciation. Students must study all six works. Together the six works include:

•different dance styles and fusions of style and a selection of established and emerging choreographers ?

•different numbers and combinations of dancers using a variety of choreographic approaches ?

•a variety of types of performance environment with a variety of aural settings ?

•inclusive dance and dance that is influenced by other cultures.

How will I study?

GCSE Dance actively engages students in the process of dance in order to develop as effective and independent learners and as critical and reflective thinkers with enquiring minds

The course develops students' skills, knowledge and understanding of a range of dance styles through the interrelated processes of performing, creating and appreciating dances

The course develops physical, technical and expressive skills through which students are able to communicate choreographic intention and develop their individual qualities as performers

How will I be assessed?

There are two units in GCSE Dance:

Component 1: Performance and Choreography (internally assessed – 60% of the qualification)

Component 2: Dance appreciation (externally assessed written examination – 40% of the qualification)