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Parents' Evenings 2023-24

Our parents' evenings fall on the following dates (provisional) this academic year:

16th November - Year 11 parents' evening

23rd November - Year 13 parents' evening

1st February - Year 11 parents' evening

14th March - Year 10 parents' evening

11th April - Year 12 parents' evening


In the run-up to each parents' evening, parents and carers will receive a letter/email giving full details of the event and inviting them to book appointments with subject teachers.


AT BOA, we use School Cloud to manage all appointments, whether these are for evenings that are a) on site, or b) hosted virtually via video calls.  At present, we do not offer hybrid evenings (both video calls and in-person appointments).

KEY STAGE 4: These evenings are hosted on site at BOA, with face-to-face appointments with subject teachers.  Parents and carers will still use School Cloud to book these appointments.

POST-16: These evenings are virtual appointments via video calls hosted by School Cloud.  

The log-in for BOA School Cloud can be found here:

NB: Please see the attachment section for a useful handout on using the School Cloud booking system.