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Year 10 and 12 - Visual Arts & Design Pathway

The end of the year exhibition involved visual arts students of year 10 and 12. Students are encouraged to think about audience experience and to curate their own boards in a professional manner highlighting their favourite and most significative artworks. Exhibitions are great opportunities to show your work and to evolve as an artist as a more critical eye is developed through conversations with others in the build-up to the event. This year, students have been curious, committed and challenged themselves in the production of artworks for the occasion pushing their boundaries and being daring. From large scale drawings to portraiture in a variety of media or 3D wood and metal work, these cohorts delivered a showcase that evidenced their talent, manifested their skills and fed from their interests and artistic motivations.  


The summer 2023 showcase looked fantastic in the atrium and was positively received by many visitors who navigate it inspired and appreciative of the high standards of the work. A shop offered items made by students with all the funds going towards local charities. 


We hoped you enjoy it, and we cannot wait to see in you in the next showcase.