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Morocco 2024

5 staff and 45 geography students from years 11,12 and 13 embarked on an epic adventure across Morocco and into the Sahara Desert. We started in the bustling city of Marrakesh before travelling into the Atlas Mountains across spectacular gorges and valleys. We visited farms, local businesses and explored the arid environments and the opportunities that exist there. The highlight of our trip was a camel trek through the Sahara to our campsite, set amongst huge sand dunes. We climbed the dunes for sunset and sunrise the next morning. It was a truly magical experience and the stars at night were breathtaking! We stopped off at the Atlas film studios on our way back to Marrakesh and students made their own short films as well as seeing the sets of some of the biggest blockbuster Hollywood movies such as Cleopatra and The Mummy. It was a pleasure to take the BOA students on this geographical journey.