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GCSE Statistics

How is the course structured?

The course covers three strands of statistics: the collection of data and processing, representing and analysing data, and probability. Students will be trained to assess the appropriateness of statistical methodologies and the conclusions drawn through the application of the statistical enquiry cycle. They will interpret statistical information and results in context and reason statistically to draw conclusions.

How will I learn?

Statistics lessons will focus on the teaching of three assessment objectives. These will be taught simultaneously through the two years of study. Lessons will mainly focus on the largest assessment objective (55%), which deals with the demonstration of knowledge and understanding, using appropriate terminology and notation, of standard statistical techniques used to collect and represent information, while calculating summary statistics and probabilities. The second objective (25%) states that students will interpret statistical information and results in context and reason statistically to draw conclusions, while the third (20%) assesses their ability to draw conclusions.

These will be taught by students undertaking small projects where they produce a
hypothesis, plan the data collection and then analyse the outcomes. These activities,
while taught alongside the main delivery of content, will underpin the ideas of
statistics alongside the experience of the application of these areas. This is designed
to allow students to truly grasp the realities, expectations and limitations of the
data collection cycle.

How will I study?

• I will prepare and produce statistical surveys, using specified areas and contexts relevant to the studied methods

• I will analyse completed surveys and produce critical reports on their outcomes but also on their chosen methodologies.

• I will appreciate the place and use of statistics in society;

How will I be assessed?

Statistics is assessed by two exams which will be taken exclusively at the end of Year 11. These exams, which both use a calculator are combined to give an overall score.

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