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Exam Timetable

The summer GCSE and A’Level exam season kicks off the week beginning 11th May with GCSE examinations in Science, French and English.

We would like to take this opportunity to wish your son/daughter the very best of luck in his/her exams, and to offer you our assurances that we will be doing everything in our power to ensure the smooth facilitation of the summer 2020 season.

Shortly after the February half-term break you will be sent a copy of your child’s exam timetable for the summer season, accompanying “Information for Exam Candidates” leaflet, and a publication from the Joint Council for Qualifications that details exam rules. Please do take the time to read this and go through the details with your child.

For quick reference below we have published an overview of which exams will be happening at BOA on each day.

This will be updated to include BTEC external assessment dates when confirmed toward the end of February.

Following the May half-term break (25th May – 29th May) your child’s teachers will be continue to be available to assist with revision and preparation during the normal lesson times. Every year we encourage students to consider attending BOA during the run up to their exams as this is an opportunity to revise in a conducive environment with expert help on hand.

Year 13 students are required to continue to attend pathway lessons around their examinations until they have been signed off by a member of SLT. To sign off students must have maximised their achievement in their BTEC qualification; therefore it is not unusual for some students to continue working on their BTEC right up until the end of June so please bare this in mind if booking holidays.

The summer exam season is an exciting, but extremely busy time of year for us here at BOA, and a challenging yet highly rewarding experience for your children. If you have any concerns about how your child is managing during the exam season or would like any advice in supporting them please do not hesitate to contact the pastoral team and/or your child’s subject teacher.

AM exams start at 9am.

PM exams start at 2pm (1:30pm on Fridays)

Date Time Duration Level Board Code Subject
12/05/2020 AM 00:35 GCSE AQA 8658/LF French Listening
12/05/2020 AM 00:45 GCSE AQA 8658/LH French Listening
12/05/2020 AM 00:45 GCSE AQA 8565/RF French Reading
12/05/2020 AM 01:00 GCSE AQA 8658/RH French Reading
12/05/2020 PM 01:45 GCSE AQA 8462/1H Triple Biology P1
12/05/2020 PM 01:15 GCSE AQA 8464/B/1F/H Biology P1
13/05/2020 AM 01:45 GCSE AQA 8702/1 English Lit P1
14/05/2020 AM 01:45 GCSE AQA 8462/1H Triple Chemistry P1
14/05/2020 AM 01:15 GCSE AQA 8464/C/1F/H Chemistry P1
15/05/2020 AM 01:00 GCSE AQA 8658/WF French Writing
15/05/2020 AM 01:15 GCSE AQA 8658/WH French Writing
18/05/2020 AM 01:30 GCSE AQA 8035/1 Geo P1
18/05/2020 AM 01:30 AS Edexcel 8MU0 03 Music-Appraising-Comp 3
19/05/2020 AM 01:30 GCSE Edexcel 1MA1 1F/1H Maths-non cal-P1- F/H
19/05/2020 PM 02:30 GCE AQA 7042/1K History P1
20/05/2020 AM 00:35 GCSE AQA 8698/LF Spanish Listening
20/05/2020 AM 00:45 GCSE AQA 8698/LH Spanish Listening
20/05/2020 AM 00:45 GCSE AQA 8598/RF Spanish Reading
20/05/2020 AM 01:00 GCSE AQA 8698/RH Spanish Reading
20/05/2020 PM 01:15 GCSE AQA 8464/P/1F/H Physics P1
20/05/2020 PM 01:45 GCSE AQA 8463/1H Triple Physics P1
20/05/2020 PM 02:30 GCE AQA 7037/1 Geo P1
21/05/2020 AM 02:15 GCSE AQA 8702/2 English Lit P2
21/05/2020 PM  02:30 GCE OCR H472/01 English Literature P1
01/06/2020 AM 02:00 GCSE AQA 8145/1A/A-B/D History P1
01/06/2020 AM  02:30 GCE OCR H472/02 English Literature P2
01/06/2020 PM 01:45 GCSE AQA 8462/2H Triple Biology P2
01/06/2020 PM 01:15 GCSE AQA 8464/B/2F/H Biology P2
02/06/2020 AM 01:45 GCSE AQA 8700/1 English Lang P1
03/06/2020 AM 01:00 GCSE AQA 8698/WF Spanish Writing
03/06/2020 AM 01:15 GCSE AQA 8698/WH Spanish Writing
03/06/2020 AM 02:15 GCE WJEC A680U10-1 Media Studies Comp 1
03/06/2020 AM 02:00 GCE Edexcel 9MA0 01 Maths-Pure Maths 1
03/06/2020 PM 01:30 GCSE AQA 8035/2 Geo P2
03/06/2020 PM 02:30 GCE AQA 7042/2E History P2
04/06/2020 AM 01:30 GCSE Edexcel 1MA1 2F/2H Maths-cal-P2- F/H
04/06/2020 PM 02:00 GCSE AQA 8145/2B/B-BC History P2
04/06/2020 PM 02:30 GCE AQA 7037/2 Geo P2
05/06/2020 AM 01:45 GCSE AQA 8700/2 English Lang P2
05/06/2020 PM 01:30 GCSE WJEC C680U10-1 Media Studies Comp 1
08/06/2020 AM 01:30 GCSE Edexcel 1MA1 3F/3H Maths-cal-P3- F/H
08/06/2020 PM 01:30 GCSE WJEC C680U20-1 Media Studies Comp 2
09/06/2020 PM 01:45 GCSE Edexcel 1MU0 03 Music-Appraising-Comp 3
10/06/2020 AM 01:45 GCSE AQA 8100/1 Citizenship P1
10/06/2020 AM 02:00 GCE Edexcel 9MA0 02 Maths-Pure Maths 2
10/06/2020 PM 01:45 GCSE AQA 8462/2H Triple Chemistry P2
10/06/2020 PM 01:15 GCSE AQA 8464/C/2F/H Chemistry P2
11/06/2020 AM 01:15 GCSE AQA 8035/3 Geo P3
11/06/2020 PM 01:30 GCSE AQA 8236/W Dance
11/06/2020 PM 02:30 GCE WJEC A680U20-1 Media Studies Comp 2
12/06/2020 AM 01:15 GCSE AQA 8464/P/2F/H Physics P2
12/06/2020 AM 01:45 GCSE AQA 8463/2H Triple Physics P2
12/06/2020 PM 02:00 GCE Edexcel 9MA0 03 Maths-Stats & Mech
15/06/2020 AM 01:45 GCSE AQA 8100/2 Citizenship P2