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Compulsory Studies

 Young people need to develop skills, knowledge and understanding beyond their core study programme. At BOA, time is allocated to the study of a Citizenship GCSE and structured Personal Development Time.

Citizenship GCSE

All students study a Citizenship GCSE qualification that covers the following key areas of content:

  • Citizenship skills, processes and methods
  • Life in modern Britain
  • Rights and responsibilities
  • Politics and participation
  • Active citizenship

Personal Development Time

  • Every day in PDT and tutorial lessons students cover improtant developmental topics such as Effective learning techniques, RE, British Values, E-safety, Equality and Diversity, Sex and Relationship Education, Time Management, Mental and Physical Wellbeing, Study Skills.
  • Students also recieve 1-1 pastoral support and coaching from their tutor every Friday afternoon.
  • Students engage in Physical Education, not only in their pathways but also by accessing our fully equiped Gym after Tutoral time on Fridays