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Post 16, 2 Year Course

Our students’ learning journey will be a LEVEL 3 BTEC vocational award, industry recognised qualifications and employability skills training.

Students will have the opportunity to study across 3 pathways:


Acting for screen and Contemporary theatre – content creation, self-taping, audition techniques and presenting

Model Making, Sculpting, Welding

Set Design – Backcloths, Multi Media Projections, Digital Scenery, Flying, Computer Generated Imagery, Digital Design Tools.

Set Building and Construction

Prop Making

Set Painting.

Set Decorating

Costume Design

Costume Making

Wardrobe Management

Wigs and Wig Management



Technical production 

Camera – Single, Multi, Lens, Tripod, Cables, Storage,

Lighting – Lanterns, LED’s, Multi Heads, Consoles, Special Effects.

Sound – Stage Electrics, Microphones, Sound Systems, Monitoring Systems, SFX, Playback, Mixing Consoles.

Stage Technology and Operations

Post Production and Editing Techniques

VFX (i.e. glows, explosion)

Administration & Management 

Location Management

Prop Procurement

Scheduling and Marketing


Health and Safety


Working as Stage Manager, Assistant Stage Manager, Deputy Stage Manager.