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First Week Back at BOA

Please open to read 

18th September 2020

Dear Parents and Carers

Re: First week back at BOA

I am writing to you at the end of a very busy first week. I am really pleased to report that students have returned to the Academy in good spirits and I have not had cause to speak to them about poor behaviour. I look forward to hearing of their successes in their subjects in due course.

I am writing to let you know that, whereas we had a problem with the air filtration system at BOA earlier this week, all has now been resolved. To be clear, fresh air was still circulating through the building but the chillers were not cooling the air down, which explains the temperature in certain classrooms. Of course, this had to happen on two of the hottest days of recent weeks. You have my assurances that the air filtration system is now fully working.

I am also writing to let you know that we have not, at the point of writing, had any reports of positive COVID-19 tests among members of the BOA community. In the main, if any students reported to us that they had suspected COVID-19 symptoms, they had not returned to BOA at the beginning of September. I am pleased to report that their test results have returned as negative. Please keep me informed of any suspected COVID-19 cases so that I may make the best decisions in order to safeguard all staff and students at BOA.

I am also writing to ask for your help. I sent out a BOA Safety Plan a week ago that states all students should wear their face coverings when in communal areas and in close proximity to other year groups. Whereas we have tried to keep year groups apart wherever possible, it is difficult to maintain this and deliver full-time education to all students. Noticeably, it is difficult to uphold the staggered starts as students’ travel times on trains and buses bring them in to the city centre ahead of their arrival time and they often wait at the gates. I will look at ways around this to stop students congregating at the front of BOA. Please can I appeal to all parents and carers to reiterate the message to their children that they must wear face coverings and must avoid too much contact with each other. First weeks back at BOA typically see students hugging and greeting each other, and I would like to advise caution here.

Trains & buses:

We are not able to supervise students on public transport. I have received reports of a small group of students sitting close together on trains and not wearing face coverings. Please speak with your child to ensure the rules regarding public transport are followed.


And finally…

I look forward to writing to you next week with information on the Year 10 induction showcase (which has now been edited), as well as details of upcoming events.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Yours truly,

Alistair Chattaway