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Update for Year 11 and 13 learners (18.05.2020).

f you are currently still working on a BTEC individual action plan or completing assignments, you teachers will be in touch before May half-term to ask you to send us anything you are working on (whether finished or not) as soon as possible and by a fixed deadline. After that there is nothing more you can be doing towards your qualification, but do email your teacher if you would like some bridging work or activities to be doing to prepare for sixth form, university, work or any other future plans you may have.


This is guidance for year 11 and year 13 students who are working remotely either because they have self-isolated or the academy has been temporarily closed as a result of the Corona Virus pandemic.

Remote Learning FOR YEAR 11 and YEAR 13

Looking for information for year 10 and year 12 students? click this link.

As you will no doubt be aware, the government has instructed all schools to close with immediate effect.

All examinations and assessments have been cancelled, including those for A’Levels, BTEC qualifications (Pathways) and GCSEs.

Despite this, the government have promised that all students will be awarded the qualifications they need. 

We are currently in the process of compiling evidence of your progress and in-year achievement, as we must provide our exam boards centre assessments and rankings for all qualifications in the near future.

The government have confirmed that A’Level and GCSE grades will be informed in part by teacher assessments (predictions). We will provide these to exam boards at the beginning of June. Please note that these judgements cannot be informed by work you have or have not completed since the schools were closed, and that we are not permitted to share or discuss our judgements with you.

For the BTEC qualifications we expect grades awarded in a similar way, i.e. based in some way upon both the results of internal unit assessments completed over the last two years, and teacher assessments (predictions).

With these facts in mind, it would be inappropriate to implement a structured remote working timetable for year 11 or 13 (as we have done for year 10 and 12).

Instead we are asking students to finish off any BTEC assignment work which is currently outstanding and email it in.

Teachers will ensure that you receive guidance as to what work you could be completing to maximise your grade, and will make themselves available via email and the VLE tools (such as google classroom) to respond to your needs.

We acknowledge that there are serious limitations on what you can achieve without access to the specialist resources at the academy, but never the less we will do what we can.

Please note that you will need to use their BOA VLE account to email teachers and upload evidence of your work.

In the event that you are having issues logging in to your academy email or online resources please contact

Of course we will keep you updated with regards to this situation as information becomes available.

Thank you for your on-going support at this difficult time.

If you would like bridging work to prepare to move on to university or sixth form please do email your teachers direct.

Update regarding summer 2020 BTEC examinations and assessments (18.05.2020)

What is the BTEC awarding process and how will it affect BOA students?

This week our awarding body (Pearson) confirmed that they intend to calculate and award grades for all the units our students would have completed this year (both external exams and internal assessments). This affects all year groups at BOA and will ensure that our leavers (year 11 & 13) will receive the full qualification they need to progress, and that our first-year students (year 10 & 12) will be able to start their second year of study in September with no disadvantage.


To facilitate this, we have been asked to provide our awarding body with three key pieces of information:

  1. Grades for units which have been completed and fully assessed.
  2. Centre assessed grades (predictions) for any units planned this academic year, which have not yet been assessed.
  3. A ranking of all students on the same specification.

Over the past weeks/months we have been preparing for this very scenario and are well under way with both making our judgments and conducting quality assurance.


What about the BTEC work students have been doing remotely?

Although students will be awarded grades for all units under this  system (whether completed or not), up until now we have been encouraging our learners to complete unit work where it has already been started. This is because we have wanted to give them a chance to bank as many completed units as possible this year.


Yesterday our deadline for submitting judgements to the awarding body was announced. We must submit the required information by 5th of June.


As a result, you will find that over the  days leading up to the May half-term break, teachers will begin to ask students to submit anything they are currently working on, whether completed or not. This is so we have time to assess the work and adjust any centre assessment grades (predictions) as appropriate before our deadline.