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Plans for Onsite Lessons from 15 June 2020

Dear Parents and Carers


RE: Plans for onsite lessons from 15 June 2020


Thank you for contacting us regarding the onsite lessons for vulnerable students and children of key workers.


Firstly, I hope this letter finds you and your family members in good health.  Secondly, the details below outline the onsite support for your child from Monday 15 June onwards.


Timings of the academy day:


In line with guidance from the Department for Education regarding the opening of secondary schools and academies, we have adjusted our timetable and lessons will run from 10:00 to 14:30, Monday to Friday.  As we are a city centre academy, it is important to avoid rush hour traffic and times when public transport will be at its busiest.  The session timings on each day are as follows:

  1. Session 1:            10:00 to 12:00
  2. Lunch:                   12:00 to 12:30
  3. Session 2:            12:30 to 14:30

Please note:       The academy will be open from 9:30 onwards.  If students arrive early, they should report to BOA reception in order to be registered.  A member of staff will be present to direct students to a waiting area.  As we will need to accommodate only a small group of students on the academy site, lessons will take place in the Learning Resource Centre (LRC) on Floor 1 of Bar Block.


Parents can collect their children between 14:30 and 15:00.  As the majority of parents have elected to drive their children to and from the academy, we will operate a ‘collection window’, should there be any traffic issues.  Again, a member of staff will be on-hand to supervise at the end of the academy day.

Measures in place for Infection Prevention and Control:

  1. If your child (or a family member living in the same household) shows any sign of the Covid-19 symptoms, we politely ask for your child to remain at home.  Please inform us immediately so we may take measures to reduce the risk of transmission, especially if your child has been onsite for the support sessions the day before.
  2. Whilst in the LRC, students will use the same desk and computer (or laptop) for health and safety purposes.  Desks and computers will be cleaned at the end of each session, if necessary, and at the end of each academy day.
  3. We have installed hand sanitising stations throughout the academy and ask students to use these when entering the building, as well as different rooms or spaces in the academy.
  4. We will speak to students about our expectations regarding conduct on the academy site and also how to maintain social distancing when in classrooms, the canteen and the atrium.  We will also speak to students about the use of the toilet facilities and handwashing.  We no longer have the towel rolls in the toilet areas.  Instead, students must wash their hands in accordance with the instructions on display, use the paper towels provided in the dispensers, and place all used towels and tissues in the pedal bins.
  5. Students will be given a 30-minute lunch break.  They will be supervised in the canteen area and the amphitheatre.  We expect students to follow the rules regarding handwashing before and after meals and snacks, as well as placing all food scraps and empty packaging in the bins provided.

Please note:       The canteen will not be open during the weeks commencing 15 June and 22 June 2020.  We politely ask parents and carers to provide their children with a packed lunch and a suitable drink.  If any student is eligible for a free school meal, please inform us ahead of Monday 15 June. 

In addition, the water fountains are not in use at the academy to reduce the risk of transmission or cross-infection.  We will have a supply of bottled water for students, if their own drinks flasks become empty throughout the academy day. 

  1. All members of staff have been trained on how to deal with a student or colleague if they begin to feel unwell on the academy site.

Expectations regarding learning activities:


Whilst on the academy site, students will be asked to complete the online learning activities as members of staff are using these platforms to deliver the curriculum.  As we aim for all students to be at the same point by the end of this academic year – as far as curriculum coverage is concerned – we must ensure that these activities are completed.  A member of staff will supervise these sessions, as well as being on-hand to offer support and guidance. We will, where practicable, organise project work for students who have completed the learning activities.


Additional information:


It is important that BOA upholds its Admissions Policy for students wishing to join the academy from September 2020 onwards.  Following the aptitude process in February 2020, a small number of applicants have requested a ‘second opportunity’ as part of the appeals process, in line with the guidance in our policy.  Please be aware that there will be small numbers of applicants in the building during the week commencing 15 June 2020.  Please be assured that your children will be fully supervised in a different part of the building and will not come into contact with any of the applicants on the days in question. 


If you have any questions regarding the arrangements, please contact me on the email at the bottom of this page.


Best wishes


Alistair Chattaway